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Auckland Famous

DollarDealers have been at the heart of Auckland CBD for over 10 years.

In that time our Casino Gold House... Read more

30 Jul, 2019
Pawn History Blog

How Pawnshops Have Stood the Test of Time

Did you know that pawnshops have existed for over 3,000 years?

Indeed... Read more

18 Jul, 2019
Jew Blog 1

Where can you find high-quality jewellery for the lowest of prices in New Zealand?

Why, of course, it’s DollarDealers.

With... Read more

09 Jul, 2019
Used Jewellery
Credit Blog

It is has become something of a hot topic; how New Zealand Banks are tightening their lending restrictions.

These recent... Read more

20 Jun, 2019
Gucci2 1

DollarDealers and Gucci Galore

So, you know that DollarDealers is New Zealand’s favourite pawnbrokers, but did you know that we... Read more

13 Jun, 2019

Chances are that it has been far too long since you have found time to declutter your space.

Decluttering your home... Read more

27 May, 2019
O Percent 1

Interest free loans for all!

Here at DollarDealers, we are constantly striving to expand our services. As a team... Read more

20 May, 2019
Rolex1 Image

Turning your Rolex in to instant cash.

Whether you are looking to use your Rolex watch for a pawn loan... Read more

17 Apr, 2019
Cash Flow

It is fair to say that once upon a time pawn shops received a bit of a bad reputation.

Pawnshops... Read more

20 Mar, 2019
Opening Soon 1

Mangere opening Saturday 13th April 2019.

The DollarDealers Team is delighted to announce that we are opening a new store in... Read more

02 Mar, 2019
Price Blog

Introducing the DollarDealers Pawn Price Promise.

As a company, we are proud of many things. We are proud to be... Read more

31 Dec, 2018
Rolex New Blog

Buy, Sell or Loan a Rolex watch at the pawnshop!

We are proud to be New Zealand’s number one lender... Read more

22 Dec, 2018
Lv Blog

If you are in need of instant cash, you don’t need to think big.

Sometimes thinking small is the answer. Say... Read more

10 Dec, 2018
Pawn Rates 1

We are committed to giving Kiwis the best possible pawn loan interest rates.

From jet-skis to vintage cars, from Rolex watches... Read more

27 Sep, 2018
Gold Blog 1

DollarDealers are one of New Zealand’s largest buyers of gold.

With nine stores Auckland wide and a phenomenal reputation within... Read more

19 Sep, 2018
Secondhand Blog 1

DollarDealers offers New Zealanders the cheapest prices on second hand and like-new electronics and jewellery.

A bold statement indeed. One... Read more

11 Sep, 2018
Used Jewellery
Lv Blog

DollarDealers are a one-stop-shop for luxury brands.

Here at DollarDealers, we have an exceptional collection of pre-loved Louis Vuitton handbags and... Read more

26 Jul, 2018
Pawn Blog 1

What are the benefits of using a Pawn Shop?

Are you finding yourself in a bit of a financial pinch... Read more

12 Jul, 2018
Diamond 1

Are you interested in selling your diamond ring?

We understand that selling your precious diamond ring, wedding band or engagement... Read more

24 May, 2018
Used Jewellery
Prada Blog 1

We are New Zealand’s industry leading lenders, buyers and sellers of designer handbags.

We house a range of luxury brands, including... Read more

12 Sep, 2017
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