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Glen Innes Coming Soon

44 Mayfair Place, Glen Innes opening soon!

The DollarDealers team is delighted to announce that we are opening our 11th... Read more

08 Mar, 2021
Small Business Page 1

The Covid-19 crisis has shaken the world to the core.

Though New Zealand has weathered the storm significantly better than... Read more

02 Aug, 2020
Website Image Tools 1

It May Be Goodbye to the Paid Day Lenders But DollarDealers Has Got Your Back…and Always Has!

26 Jul, 2020
Ppp Pic 1

DollarDealers - Purchase Protection Plan

Here at DollarDealers, we are always striving to create innovative ways to offer our loyal... Read more

10 Feb, 2020
Designer Page 3 Blog

Millennials selling Designer Handbags at the Pawnshop

DollarDealers may be New Zealand’s favourite buyer of gold, but did you know... Read more

28 Sep, 2019
Auckland Famous

DollarDealers have been at the heart of Auckland CBD for over 10 years.

In that time our Gold House has... Read more

30 Jul, 2019
Gucci2 1

DollarDealers and Gucci Galore

So, you know that DollarDealers is New Zealand’s favourite pawnbrokers, but did you know that we... Read more

13 Jun, 2019
Rolex New Blog

Buy, Sell or Loan a Rolex watch at the pawnshop!

We are proud to be New Zealand’s number one lender... Read more

22 Dec, 2018
Lv Blog

DollarDealers are a one-stop-shop for luxury brands.

Here at DollarDealers, we have an exceptional collection of pre-loved Louis Vuitton handbags and... Read more

26 Jul, 2018
Prada Blog 1

We are New Zealand’s industry leading lenders, buyers and sellers of designer handbags.

We house a range of luxury brands, including... Read more

12 Sep, 2017
Luxury Pawn 1

Using your luxury assets for instant cash.

DollarDealers is a New Zealand owned and operated collateral lender, pawnbroker, based... Read more

20 Jun, 2017
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Dollar Dealers是新西兰本土最大的一家自营典当行,提供典当、收购和零售服务



18 Nov, 2016
Guitar Blog 3

Signed guitars and more.

Have you ever wondered who holds the best selection of signed music memorabilia in town? Look no... Read more

01 Sep, 2016
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