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24 Hour Interest Free Pawn Loans at DollarDealers

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24 hour interest free loans.

Here at DollarDealers, we are constantly striving to expand our services. As a team we are always sharing ideas on how we can refine our deals, offering our loyal customers nothing but exceptionally good value.

We are delighted to share with you that we have improved upon our services once more. We have established 24 hour interest-free pawn loans to make your financial life that little bit easier.

Banks, Payday Lenders and Super High Interest

It is no secret that bank loans incur significant interest rates.


A standard personal loan from a New Zealand bank is subject to an interest rate anywhere from 13% - 18.95% pa. When it comes to payday lenders you can anticipate interest rates upwards of 500% pa.

Although we understand that banks and payday lenders need to make their money, we here at DollarDealers believe that we have created a win-win situation for all.

With our new 24 hour interest-free pawn loans we give deserving customers, like you, the opportunity to access the fast cash you need, without compromising your financial stability down the line. Financial shortfalls are a part of modern life and we believe that hard-working New Zealanders should not have to experience such stresses a moment longer than necessary. We have created the 24 hour interest free pawn loan.


24-Hour Interest-Free Loans

The DollarDealers 24-Hour Interest-Free Loans at Gold House and The City Pawnshop are one of our most highly sought after services.

All loans over $1000 taken out at Gold House and The City Pawnshop are subject to an interest-free 24-hour period. Provided that you return to store within 24-hours of taking out the loan, you pay back the initial value of the loan, nothing more. After the 24 hours is up, Ts+Cs and our standard interest rates apply.

All items over $1000 are accepted as collateral for our 24-hour interest-free loans at Gold House and The City Pawnshop. To explore the extensive list of accepted items, click here.


Whether you’re new to the DollarDealers community or whether you are part of the family, we are excited to be able to share with you our 24 hour interest-free pawn loans.

What are you waiting for? Get down to Gold House or The City Pawnshop today to take out your 24 interest free pawn loan!

20 May, 2019
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