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Check out some of the most frequently asked questions our customers have wanted to know about.

Can I extend my layby?

You will need to contact the manager of the store in which you have your layby, please phone: (09) 666 0770

Can I pay my layby online?

Yes! See our payment page here.

Can I cancel my layby contract?

Should you wish to cancel your layby, cancellation charges may apply as per your layby contract.

  • The customer or the store has the right to cancel a layby.
  • The buyer (customer) may cancel the Layby Sale Agreement at any time before taking possession of the goods.
  • Cancellation Charges will not apply if the buyer (customer) cancels layby within 3 days of signing the contract.
  • If the buyer (customer) cancels this Agreement after 3 days of signing the contract or before all payments have been made they will incur a one off $25.00 administration fee for cancellation and storage, insurance handling costs of $1 per day from the date of the layby and until the agreement is terminated by either party.

Can I make weekly payments on my jewellery layby, or only monthly?

You can make payments whenever you like on laybys. You must have made a minimum of a 10% payment in full by the end of each month with our jewellery 10+10 laybys. Remember that if you can't make it in to store to pay, you can pay online, see details here.

Do I have a 4 week layby, or can I make it 2 weeks?

A 4 week layby must be paid in full and collected before the end of the 4 week period. You can pay for and collect your layby at any time within that 4 week period.

What if I don't have enough money for the full deposit, can I still create a layby?

The standard deposit on general retail floor items is 20% and the standard deposit on jewellery items is 10%. In some cases, we will adjust our deposit amount to suit a customer's current situation and need. Please discuss this with the store manager.

Can I collect 1 item before the other if I have more than one item on the same layby form?

No, if you have multiple items in one layby, the layby must be paid for in full before any items can be collected.

Can someone else collect my layby?

No, the layby can only be collected the person who created the layby.

How does Genoapay work?

We are now offering Genoapay at all of our stores. Pay over 10 weeks with no interest and no fees. Get pre-approved for up to $1500 today at www.genoapay.com

Do you sell all your products in store on Trademe?

We sell a number of products on Trademe from all store locations BUT not all. To be sure you are seeing our full selection you will need to visit your local DollarDealers store. To view our trademe sellers page, please click here.

How do I know the gold and diamonds I am purchasing are real?

DollarDealers pawnbrokers are highly trained in appraising and testing gold and diamond jewellery. Most items over $1000 in value come with a valuation to prove authenticity and we guarantee all jewellery items are genuine or your money back.

Do you deliver?

No we do not deliver.

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