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30 Day Interest Free Pawn Loans for New Customers

At DollarDealers we put our loyal customers front and centre in every decision we make.

But how about first time customers we hear you ask? No one gets overlooked by DollarDealers which is why we have created an extra special offer for our new customers.

30 Day Interest Free

Our 30-day interest free loans are exclusively available to customers new to DollarDealers. As with everything on offer at DollarDealers you can rest assured that our 30-day interest free loans are the best on offer in New Zealand.

So if you have only recently discovered DollarDealers - Welcome! Let’s explore everything you need to know about DollarDealers, pawn loans and our 30-day interest free loans for new customers.

Who Are DollarDealers?

We are New Zealand’s most trusted pawnbroker and we have been serving our communities for over 20 years. We have nine stores across Auckland that are open 7-days a week. DollarDealers offers a comprehensive pawnbroking service and we are New Zealand’s premier buyer and seller of gold, diamonds, jewellery, designer handbags, electronics, household goods, vehicles, boats, luxury items and much more!

It is safe to say that you are in good hands with DollarDealers.

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What is a Pawn Loan?

A pawn loan is a discreet, safe and legitimate way to get instant cash against an item of collateral that you own.

This could be a designer watch, a laptop, a car or an item of jewellery. There are a whole host of benefits of taking out a pawn loan over a traditional bank loan. For one, there are no credit checks and a pawn loan does not impact your credit score at all.

You can loan $10-$1,000,000 in an instant, provided you have the collateral and you can also take out multiple loans at a time.

DollarDealers loans are discreet, free from judgement and we don’t ask any uncomfortable questions.

Your items are securely stored while in pawn and are covered by our 24-hour security. Once the principal (and interest) is repaid you get your item of collateral back immediately.

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Why Should You Take Up the DollarDealers 30-Day Interest Free Loan Offer?

Usually pawn loans from DollarDealers are subject to an interest rate.

The DollarDealers interest rate is the best in New Zealand.

For first time customers to DollarDealer we are offering a 30-day interest free loan. If you repay the principal within 30-day you don’t have to pay any interest. You’ve got yourself a free loan. In these uncertain times, this could be the most safe and sensible financial move you could make.

There are heaps of reasons why you may need to take advantage of the DollarDealers pawn loaning service, from unexpected financial shortfall to a simple slip in cash flow - whatever your reason, DollarDealers is here for you.

If you have never taken out a pawn loan before, now is the perfect time. Yet again, DollarDealers is offering unparalleled value to the hardworking folks of New Zealand.

Of course, there are some terms and conditions to this deal. Nothing confusing and everything is transparent. Here are the important things to note.


  • The 30 day interest free period will not apply for loans over $2999.
  • The 30 day interest free period is only available for first time customers and first time items.
  • DollarDealers will measure the 30 day interest free loan period from the time on its system, not the time on customer or staff devices, such as but not limited to watches, phones & tablets.
  • If according to DollarDealers system you are late by equal to or over one minute after the 30 day period, you will be charged the full amount of interest, as set out in the contract.
  • The loan collection time will be viewed as the time in which you are being served by staff. Being in the store within your interest free time period does not qualify or count.
  • After the 30 day interest free period standard interest rates will apply.
  • DollarDealers reserves the right to withdraw this offer at any time.


Interest rates of 35% per month will apply on the anniversary date. View your loan contract for full details.

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Online, instore or from the comfort of your own home, we have your options covered.

Option 1) visit us instore at one of our 9 Auckland locations

Option 2) complete our online estimate form.

Option 3) Staying home? Request a courier pack and loan your jewellery or watches with us from home (insured up to $25,000)

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We accept a huge range of items for our pawn loans.

From electronics to gold, diamonds, watches, designer handbags, cars, jet-skis and more!

See our extensive list of items we accept here.

Pay no interest for 30 days!

Use your assets to ease your cash flow problems.

First time customers can enjoy 30 days interest free on all pawn loans, up to a maximum of $2999.

This offer is across all DollarDealers stores for a limited time only. Find your nearest store here.

09 Jun, 2020
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