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Paying your layby online

We make paying for your layby as easy as possible.

With options to make your layby payments online you can be assured your goods are being paid for from the comfort of your own home.

You can pay by bank deposit using the details below - either by an online deposit or at your local bank.

Coronavirus update:

Following government requirements we will be closed due to the Coronavirus lockdown, effective 5pm 24 March 2020.

During the Coronavirus lock down in New Zealand, layby payments will be due as per contracts.

When the lockdown ends:

All layby items once paid in full can be collected from your local stores once the Coronovirus lock down level changes and business returns to normal.

All items that are due for default or to be defaulted will be given a 7 day grace period for collection.

We will update our customers in due course.

Please include the following details:

Our ASB bank account number for layby payments is:


Particulars: layby number (on your layby contract)

Code: Store location

Reference: customer last name

Need help? Email info@dollardealers.co.nz


Funds must appear in our bank account by the date shown on your layby contract to count as funds received.

It is your responsibility to ensure the payment reaches us in time. Funds not received in time will cause laybys to default. We are not responsible for payments not reaching us in time.

We recommend you make the payment a minimum of 2 business days in advance of the date shown on your layby contract. Note – weekends and public holidays do NOT count as business days and you will need to allow more time.

For example:

  1. Your layby is due to extend on Wednesday 10th January. You should make the payment by Monday 8th January.
  2. Your layby is due to default on Monday 16th February. You should make the payment by Thursday 12th February.

If you have any questions with this process, please phone your local store on (09) 666 0770.

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