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Check out some of the most frequently asked questions our customers have wanted to know about.

Can I pawn multiple items?

Yes! Our pawn loans are item based. That means that each loan is independently secured against the item you want to pawn. You can have as many pawn loans as you want as long as you have an item to use as collateral.

How much is the interest charged on a pawn loan?

The standard interest is fixed at 35% per month for a 3 month period. For example a $100 loan is $135 in the first month, $170 in the 2nd month and $205 in the 3rd month.

Luxury Pawn loans in excess of $3000 are subjected to lower interest rates, so please come in to one of our DollarDealer stores to talk to us about our luxury pawning service, or click here to find out more.

What is the maximum period for a pawn loan?

Our pawn loans are set for a maximum 3 month period, but you may pick up the pawn item(s) at any time during this timeframe if you pay the principal and interest amount owing in full, as set out in the contract.

Luxury Pawn loans in excess of $3000 may vary in duration so please come in to one of our DollarDealer stores to talk to us about our luxury pawning service.

What if I have a poor credit rating?

This isn’t an issue as we don’t run credit checks against pawned items.

How can I pay for my pawn loan?

You can pay by cash or Eftpos at our Dollar Dealers stores, or via bank deposits online. We do not accept cheques.

If you can't come into a store when your loan is due, you can pay by bank deposit using the details below, either by an online deposit or at your local bank. All bank deposit loan payments must be made a minimum of 2 business days in advance of interest increasing or loan defaulting. This allows time for the payment to clear and appear in our bank account.

Funds must appear in our bank account by the date shown on your loan contract to count as funds received. Payments not received in time will be charged more interest or items defaulted.

When making the online payment, please include the following:

  • Particulars: Loan number (on your blue loan contract)
  • Code: Store location
  • Reference: Customer last name

Our ASB bank account number for pawn loan payments is: 12-3252-0048805-01

All loan payments, unless you are an ASB customer, will take a minimum of 1 business day and night to clear.

All payments made on a Friday from other banks will clear on a Monday.

Payments not received in time will be charged more interest or items defaulted.

Can someone else make payments on my pawn loan?

Yes anyone can make payments on your loan account. If the original loan holder is not present at the time of final payment, a receipt of payment will be issued for later collection.

Can I make partial payments on my pawn loan?

Yes, during the pawn loan period, we can accept an unlimited amount of partial payments.

If I have a pawn loan with multiple items being held as collateral, can I retrieve just one item?

Unfortunately once a loan is started the items cannot be taken individually. If you think you may want to collect one item before another, simply advise the staff member at the time of starting the loan and they will happily create two separate loans for you.

If I have pawned an item that you are holding, can I still sell it?

Yes you can sell items to us that are currently being held as collateral. Simply come in to one of our stores and advise us that you would like to sell your item.

Can I pawn my car?

Yes you can, however please be aware that the car must be registered in your name and have no finance or money owing on it. The car must be in a good working order, have a current warrant of fitness and registration.

If the car is not in your name or has money owing on it you will not be able to pawn the car to us.

Your car will be fully insured with us during test driving, while in storage and driving to and from any storage facilities.

The three stores for car loans are - Manurewa, Henderson and Avondale.

Where can I loan large items like cars, boats and jet skis?

The three stores for large item loans are - Manurewa, Henderson and Avondale.

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