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How pawning works

Dollar Dealers offer a pawning service that allows you to pawn your items to get instant cash on the spot! Your items of value are used as collateral until the loan is paid off. You can collect your items at any stage of the 3 month loan period. 

Simply apply online for a quick quote or come in to one of our 8 Auckland Dollar Dealers stores to talk to one of our friendly and experienced staff. 

Watch our quick 30 second video now to find out more!

Our in-store process

Come in to one of our 8 Auckland Dollar Dealers stores to obtain an appraisal of how much your pawn item is worth and we’ll tell you how much you can loan against its value. Upon acceptance of our offer you’ll receive instant cash!

Items we accept

We accept almost anything of value as a pawn item including jewellery, watches, electronics, boats & cars, collectibles, tools, sports gear and much more!

Plus we have a special luxury pawning service for items worth in excess of $3,000. Click here for more details. 

We estimate the value of items based on the age, condition, appeal and retail value and will offer you the highest amount for what we believe they are worth.

Storage of pawn items

Your valuables will be held as collateral in one of our secure storage facilities for the duration of the loan period. Items are stored with 24 hour security monitoring and alarm systems. 

You can retrieve your pawned item(s) as soon as the loan is paid off. This can occur at any stage during the three month loan period.

ID Requirements

Eligibility criteria and strict ID guidelines apply.

You must be 18 and over to pawn to Dollar Dealers. You need to provide one form of Government issued Photo ID. For example a valid Driver’s License, a Firearms License, an 18+ Card or a valid Passport.

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